Revealing the future of urban mobility

Many of us would like to reduce our reliance on cars when travelling in and around the urban landscape. But how many of us will change how we commute over the next 10 years? And which cities will lead the way in mobility transformation?

We've talked with 20,000 people across 31 cities worldwide to better understand their current mobility behaviour, and predict how this behaviour will change over the coming decade.

Our 2030 Mobility Forecast integrates a wide range of factors – including the economic, ecological, technological, political and social-cultural contexts which are unique to each city. It provides in-depth and actionable insights to help mobility players and cities around the world prepare for the future of mobility, including:

  • How mobility behaviour will evolve over the next 10 years
  • The opportunities for growth and future investment
  • Which new innovations and technologies resonate best with city-dwellers
  • How to develop successful mobility strategies

To discover what urban mobility will look like by 2030, download our infographic.

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Our 2030 Mobility Forecast is part of our global Mobility Futures programme, which provides a comprehensive overview and city-by-city analysis of current mobility provisions and the potential for future improvement

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Download our infographic to get a preview of our 2030 mobility forecast

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